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Your partner in creating the perfect growing environment

Our company is specialized in the modern greenhouse technology ranging

from climate computers to heating, irrigation, internal transport, light systems, screens and machinery.


Modern Greenhouse Technology

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A modern greenhouse is highly sustainable and advanced in terms of its water usage.

In greenhouses, we constantly recycle about 20-30% of the water used for irrigation, disinfect it and then mix it with fresh water from an external source. This reduces water use but also fertilizer use – as the recycled water retains nutrients from one cycle to the next.

Drain water is recaptured and disinfected by a UV treatment. These solutions are simple to apply once installed and require very little maintenance. Reusing the drain water prevents land and water contamination, as fertilizers are not released into the ground and groundwater.

Examining and analyzing drain water content is vital in optimizing the irrigation program and nutrient composition and ensuring optimal crop development.

Water storage

Water and water storage are essential in greenhouse horticulture. Good storage of rainwater, condensation or drain water is not only important for operational management, it also contributes to sustainable horticulture.

RTF Climate Ltd. is the specialist in water storage products and anti-algae solutions. We have been supplying the best products for storing and covering irrigation water in greenhouse horticulture for many years.

The use and reuse of water requires a good storage system. RTF Climate Ltd. has various water storage products. We will be pleased to advise you about the possibilities for your company.

The use and reuse of water requires a good storage system. RTF Climate Ltd. has various water storage products. We will be pleased to advise you about the possibilities for your company.


RTF Climate Ltd can supply, install and maintain all sorts of irrigation systems. Direct injection or mixing tank, what ever the client desires. The same goes for the layout in the greenhouse, drip, overhead, ebb and flood, hydroponics anything is possible.

With years of worldwide experience we will provide you with a tailormade irrigation solution to suit your particular needs. We can supply a range of PVC, local or overseas as once again, it’s what the client wants!

Fogging Systems

RTF Climate Ltd can supply and install various fogging systems. It is critical to ensure that your plants are growing in a stress free environment by providing them with proper temperature and humidity levels in the greenhouses and propagation nurseries. Bacterial growth is minimised.

A fogging system will ensure optimisation and a more precise regulation of air humidity and temperature, which makes you more capable to direct the moisture absorption by the leaves of the crops. Fogging systems are one of the most effective methods for uniform greenhouse cooling. Temperature drops to 5°C in unshaded and 7°C in shaded greenhouses can be achieved.

Our fogging system can also achieve humidity levels inside the greenhouse from 50% to 90%. Our high pressure fogging can provide almost immediate humidification, minimizing bacterial growth or damage to crops and flowers.

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Water is a precious commodity today. In order to reduce water consumption as much as possible, it is advisable to collect and reuse your (drain) water.

This not only saves water but also valuable nutrients.

We offer a wide range of solutions to ensure that there are no harmful bacteria or diseases in your recycled water.

From large to small UV installations / Ultra-Filtration / ECA installations or heat treatment, we have a suitable solution for every budget.

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The more accurately you can control your greenhouse, the better your crop grows. We understand that managing all aspects of crop growth can be a challenge. With over 50 years of expertise in greenhouse automation, we can help you link and control all the processes and systems in your business; allowing your plants to grow perfectly, just like your business.




Irrigation Computers

Light Systems

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Climate Automation

To create the perfect growing conditions, it is crucial that all systems can smoothly work together. An intelligent controller provides just that. It is the heart of your operation and the base of all adjustments. The more systems that are connected and the more intelligent the controller operates, the better your processes reach that optimum balance.

But as you know, the perfect growing conditions do not stop at the greenhouse climate itself. Irrigation, lights, CO2-levels and nutrients; all these aspects contribute to a perfect crop growth.

Letting you achieve the optimal crop growth is what we do at Priva. Creating a climate for growth is what drives us. We understand that the better your processes are handled, the more your crop, your greenhouse and your business can benefit. That understanding, combined with over 50 years of experience, is coming together in our automation systems. We offer a total solution, one that really link all processes and systems in your business, allowing you to accurately control your greenhouse.

An intelligent controller is nowhere without the accompanying switching materials. You are also at the right place at RTF Climate Ld for this.

We have a suitable solution for every crop and every grower!

Climate Irrigation Computers

RTF climate Ltd has been Oceania’s Priva Dealer for many years.

We can advise you on choosing the right Priva solution, so that you can be sure that no process in your company goes unnoticed. We can offer you a wide range of different process controllers with the associated services that Priva and RTF climate Ltd can offer you.

Light Systems

RTF Climate Ltd can supply, install and maintain all sorts of light systems. Systems to extend the day, increase the light level based on the current and or accumulated light levels.

To make sure that the climate computer can control the lights we provide state of the art switch boards that allows the computer to automatically activate the desired lights. It goes without say that there is always the possibility for manual control. We can supply a range of lights, all based on the clients requirements! Please contact us for more information!

Labour Registrations

RTF climate Ltd offers Priva FS Performance.

Efficient labor, higher yields and a growing company: how can you make this happen as a horticultural entrepreneur?

The solution is simple: a practical system that provides insight into your growing processes, your employees’ productivity and the volume and quality of your production. More info in de link below:


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Cultivation growing bench systems are practical tools for the cultivation of pot plants and young vegetable plants. Because the plants are placed in pots or trays on the cultivation tables, compact placement is achieved and space is saved. There are several available options; fixed grow tables, roller tables and roller container systems.

Internal Transport

RTF Climate Ltd is a Buitendijk & Slaman dealer. We supply and maintain a large variety of trolleys, ranging from manual trolleys to double/triple scissor and maintenance trolleys with hydraulic lifting wheels. Trolleys designed for the tomato (general) crop to the capsicum trolleys. The trolleys are custom made so they will always fit on the pipe rail system, no matter what the track distance is! Second hand trolleys are available on request.

Another form of pipe rail trolley is the spray trolley. Once again, there is a variety in trolleys as they are custom made. The height of the mast, number and type of nozzle, fully automatic trolleys, semi automatic trolleys, you name it, we have it!

Bench Systems

RTF Climate Ltd supplies, installs and maintains all sorts of bench systems. Permanent and rolling benches. All the systems are custom made to the specifications of the client. Underneath you’ll find a selection of benches, starting with the rolling bench system that uses containers. These containers can be moved to any position in the greenhouse using conveyor lines and pipe rail systems. This setup allows you to work on the plants in one area.

This sort of setup is often seen in the pot plant industry

The other type of rolling bench system allows the bench to move to the left and right. In this sort of setup you create a pathway by rolling the benches away from one and other. Just like the old library setup. Both systems have integrated irrigation systems. This type of setup is often seen in nurseries.

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The primary purpose of a greenhouse is to provide ideal conditions for year-round plant production regardless of location, weather and other environmental conditions.

While greenhouses are expensive because they are typically equipped with complex crop management systems, the return on investment can be high.

Growing Gutters

RTF Climate Ltd is a Formflex dealer. We’ve done many projects with the hanging gutter in Australia and New Zealand. The gutters are rolled on site, therefore there are no joints in the gutters.

No joints means no leaks and it safes a lot of time during installation.


RTF Climate Ltd can supply, and maintain all sorts of heating systems. We also do maintenance on heat storage systems. For smaller installations, or when internal transport by a pipe rail system is not required we can supply a variety of gas heaters that will be installed in the greenhouse.


RTF climate Ltd can help you to find the right partner for installing a new screen installation. We also can also supply you any replacement parts for your existing system.

Crop Rotation Machinery

RTF Climate Ltd is proud dealer of Weterings Machinery. Weterings is specialized in the development and production of machines to speed up the crop rotation process, also called the greenhouse clean out or clean up.

Weterings offers various solutions for removing crops such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, strawberries, amaryllis and planting material which are grown in horticultural greenhouses, also known as glasshouses or hothouses.

RTF Climate Ltd is proud dealer of Weterings Machinery. Weterings is specialized in the development and production of machines to speed up the crop rotation process, also called the greenhouse clean out or clean up.


RTF Climate Ltd is a proud dealer of Vd Waay roofwasher systems. If you want to wash the inside or the outside of your greenhouse we have a high quality solution for you.

We also can also supply spare parts for other brands.

RTF Climate is a New Zealand based company.

It specializes in horticultural technology. RTF climate works closely with our partner Ton Luiten Tuinbouwtechniek, which is stationed in the Netherlands.

Thanks to this collaboration, we can always offer you the latest developments in horticultural technology.

Together we have almost 50 years of experience in horticultural technology in and outside Oceania.

We are an enthusiastic team that always tries to make a difference by offering good service and competitive prices.

You have come to the right place for your import/export.

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